Did you or someone you know suffer hearing loss or tinnitus after taking Tepezza?

You could be owed significant compensation.

What is the claim about?

Tepezza is a drug to treat Thyroid Eye Disease (TED).

It was approved by the FDA in 2020, but the manufacturers, Horizon Therapeutics, failed to warn of the drug’s potential to cause serious and permanent hearing loss.

Clinical testing submitted to the FDA for Tepezza consisted of just two trials, with only 84 patients taking the brand-new compound.

Reports of hearing loss in the trials were represented as “temporary and generally of limited duration.”

Scientific studies in recent times have found that a high percentage of patients who took the drug have suffered potentially permanent hearing loss.

We are seeking compensation for anyone who was affected by the negligence of Horizon Therapeutics.

Pogust Goodhead has decades of combined experience in pharmaceutical, product liability and mass tort claims, and are well-suited to assist you in investigating a possible lawsuit.

Our firm does not take a fee unless you recover a settlement or verdict, and you could be owed significant compensation.

If you have ever used Tepezza and think you may have been affected, please apply now for an evaluation of your potential claim.

What issues has Tepezza been linked with?

Despite claiming that hearing loss associated with Tepezza was “temporary and generally of limited duration,” scientific research has shown that the infusions can actually result in the following hearing problems:

Permanent hearing loss

Partial hearing loss

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

Sensorineural hearing loss

Patulous Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Increased sensitivity to sound

A sensation of the ears feeling full or plugged


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No. This claim is No-Win, No-Fee, meaning there is no financial risk to you. If you think you might have been affected and could be eligible to claim, please use any of the ‘CHECK IF YOU CAN CLAIM’ buttons on this page to register your interest and find out more.

No. If Pogust Goodhead is not successful in the claim and you do not receive any compensation, you will not owe any costs or expenses. We have an insurance policy in place that will cover all costs if this should occur. This is what we mean by no win no fee

At this stage of the litigation, it is difficult to give an exact amount. However, we are seeking maximum compensation for all those affected. 

According to the FDA, possible side effects of Tepezza include:

  • Infusion reactions
  • Worsening of inflammatory bowel disease
  • High blood sugar
  • Muscle spasms 
  • Hair loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Dry skin
  • Change in taste
  • Headache

Outside of the listed side effects, there are potential hearing loss and tinnitus related side effects associated with the Thyroid Eye Disease drug.

We are investigating claims for anyone who thinks their hearing may have been affected by Tepezza. However, the following information can be invaluable when claims are progressing: 

  • Medical records
  • Personal testimony on hearing loss or tinnitus
  • Proof of costs related to injuries or hearing problems
  • Medical bills and receipts, such as purchase records for hearing aids
  • Tepezza prescription information

Even if you are unsure if you have any of the documentation, please get in touch today and we can see how we can best assist you. 

Tepezza has been impacting people since it was approved in 2020. If you used the product at any time between 2020 and the present day, please register your interest today.